Jackalope Bakes believes in treats. Treats that are classic, delicious, and made from scratch. We use local products when we can because it’s important to support businesses in our community. But in order to keep our treats affordable, we use ingredients produced in other fine communities as well.

Baking the world a better place is important to Jackalope Bakes, so each month we donate a portion of our profits to a charity doing work that is meaningful to us. Our charity of choice for September 2019 is Everytown for Gun Safety.


Meet Sarah

I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, and have lived on the West Coast for over a decade, moving to Portland in 2016. I always enjoyed baking but for most of my life didn't do it more than any other regular person. That changed several years ago, when I decided that summer was going to be the Summer of Pie. I don't currently specialize in pie (cookies are my jam), but that summer kicked my baking into high gear and helped me realize that baking makes me happy, which eventually led to the birth of Jackalope Bakes.

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